Your Guide to Taking Great Care of Your
Granite [infographic]

To this day, granite remains one of the most popular countertop materials out there, and for good reason. Durable, beautiful, and functional, granite is a great choice for your new countertops. When you’re done with the remodel, here’s how to take better care of your granite so it stays beautiful for years.

Your Guide to Taking Great Care of Your Granite [infographic]

Everyday Care

  • Spills—Whether or not you have kids, spills are going to happen every day. Wipe them up quickly to prevent potential damage.
  • Heat—Even though granite is durable, it’s best not to place hot pots and pans directly on top of it. Always put something between the hot pan and the surface of your counter when you’re cooking.
  • Cutting food—You may not see scratches and dents directly on your counters, but that doesn’t mean you should cut food on them. Get out your cutting board whenever you cut vegetables, fruit, and other food.
  • Standing—Yes, your granite counters are extremely strong, but you shouldn’t stand on them. If you need to get something out of a cupboard or change out a lightbulb, get out a ladder or a stool instead.

Long-Term Preservation

  • Sealing—Protect your granite countertops from buildup and staining by sealing them often. You can go longer between sealings if you have a lighter granite, but granite featuring darker stone needs to be sealed more frequently.
  • Cleaning—Hot water will do in a pinch for regular spills, but for thoroughly wiping down your counters, we recommend purchasing a basic granite cleaner to keep your stone lustrous and attractive.
  • Polishing—You can apply a temporary granite polish to your counters (we suggest every month) to enhance their shine. These products don’t necessarily help with repair or maintenance, but they do add extra appeal to your counters.