Granite VanitiesThere are many ways in which you can remodel your home for ultimate enjoyment and increased value, and at the top of that list is anything that improves the kitchen and bathrooms. This stands to reason since during your waking hours, these two rooms garner the most of your attention. When considering how to go about getting the most “wow” factor, one of the best ways to get that in your bathrooms is with granite vanities. Both functional and luxurious, you will wish you could stay in there all day!

There are a number of reasons why you should consider granite vanities. First and foremost, granite is practically indestructible. This is probably why the Egyptians included pink granite to some degree when building the pyramids. Granted, they probably also chose it because it is beautiful and was readily available, but that is also a great reason to include granite vanities in your bathroom installation or remodel.

Another reason is the unique appearance of granite vanities. Since granite is formed from so many different types of crystals, colour variations are widespread. You can find anything from white or pink to orange, black, gray, green, brown and blue. You’ll see flecks of such materials as quartz, mica, biotite, feldspar and horneblend throughout granite that further enhance its uniqueness.

Whether you want neutral-coloured granite vanities or something a bit more exotic for your Barrie, ON home, come to us at Northern Granite Works. We have twenty different granite suppliers, so we are confident we will be able to provide you with the perfect granite vanities. Our well-trained staff takes care of every detail to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results.