Selecting Bathroom Countertops: A Beginner’s Guide

After kitchens, the most important place in any home is the bathroom. Without usable space and comfortable privacy in the bathrooms, your house won’t be one that you will enjoy for very long or will have a harder time selling in the future. If you are looking at upgrading your bathroom countertops or are working on a new build, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are selecting your bathroom countertops.

bathroom countertops are a safer place to experiment with countertop colouring.

First, bathroom countertops generally have less square footage than your kitchen, so more expensive materials might still be within your budget. Things like granite or high-end quartz look great in bathrooms and are also more affordable when doing smaller countertops like those you would find in a bathroom.

Second, bathroom countertops need to be durable and easy to clean. Bathroom countertops see a lot of use and abuse. From everything from toothpaste smears, spills, water splashing, right down to make-up and curling irons, your bathroom countertops need to be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle! Materials like quartz or granite countertops are great at withstanding the water, heat and humidity that occur within bathrooms.

Third, bathroom countertops are a safer place to experiment with countertop colouring. If you feel like going bold with countertops, it is a better idea to try it out in a bathroom where, if you or future buyers don’t end up loving it, it can be easily replaced without great expense.

Finally, don’t forget to talk with the experts in the countertop business like ours at Northern Granite Works. Come and see us today if you’d like to learn more about the right materials for your bathroom!