wood countertopsWood is a living, natural material – sophisticated and elegant which, when combined with its warm characteristics, offers a world of home design options. However, despite the timeless beauty and versatility of wood countertops, many homeowners are still apprehensive about hygiene.

The main concern has always been about salmonella. For years, people have been told that, because plastic is less absorbent, it is safer for preparing meats, especially chicken. But, according to a study done way back in 1993 at the University of Wisconsin in the US, the opposite is true!

The researchers first started out with the intention to find a way to sanitize wood countertops and cutting boards to make them “safe” like plastic. To their surprise, their findings took them in a completely different direction – wood actually has the ability to kill germs that survive on plastic! The bottom line here is that any surface – wood or plastic – will attract bacterial growth if not cleaned and disinfected.

For daily cleanups of wood countertops, use mild dishwashing liquid on a warm, clean cloth. If you’re cutting meat or poultry, use a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach for additional sanitization. The key to keeping wood hygienic is to have it properly sealed. All you need then for cleaning is mineral oil and a cloth.

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