quartz vanitiesIt might seem impossible to think that some of the strongest natural materials, that existed long before humans came along, could ever be improved upon. Marble, granite and other stones have been here since the earth was created. So, when products like engineered quartz vanities are introduced, it’s difficult not to be skeptical. The reality is that quartz incorporates all of the great properties of natural stone, and has actually improved upon them.

Since quartz vanities are man-made, they can be manufactured in an array of pattern variations and colours – many more than natural stone offers.

In fact, one drawback of a stone like marble is that patterns and colours on a slab can vary significantly from one side to the other. For instance, white marble sometimes exhibits pink-coloured veining, grey-coloured veining, or no veining whatsoever – all on the same slab. For homeowners who want perfect consistency of patterns and colours, this can be a negative.

Another major benefit of quartz vanities is that they are stain-resistant, fire-resistant and antibacterial. As a result, engineered quartz can be used in other areas where antibacterial properties are essential – not just in bathrooms, but also in kitchens, medical clinics, hospitals, and commercial settings. Also, the material is not porous; it’s water-tight.

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