Kitchen CountertopsRemember that time that you accidentally left the broiler on, burnt whatever food was cooking, and filled the house with smoke?  Do you remember the feeling of panic that hit you when you ran to grab the hot pads, turn off the broiler, and try to find a spot where you could safely stick the hot pan without damaging yourself or your countertops?  If you’ve never had this type of an experience, count yourself lucky.  Most people have this happen at some point in time, and all they want is a great place to set the pan down, kick themselves for their absentmindedness, and then move on by cleaning everything up and vowing never to do it again.  If you can recognize this scenario, you were probably wishing that your kitchen countertops could handle the heat of the hot pan for an instant while you turned to take care of the broiler.

In addition to being a place where you could set a hot pan, your ideal kitchen countertops should meet the other needs that you have.  For example, your kitchen countertops should provide you with enough space to work on, meaning that they are wide enough and long enough to handle your kitchen needs, but will still fit nicely in your kitchen, not overwhelming or underwhelming it.  Your kitchen countertops can be used for everything from cooking to crafting to homework and more.  Ensuring that they are large enough to handle all tasks is essential to the amount of satisfaction you feel about your kitchen.  The ideal kitchen countertops should also be durable, so you won’t have the added expense of replacing them every 5 years.  You want your kitchen countertops to be easy to clean—after all, you’ve got better things to do with your time than spending hours each week on a grimy surface.

Are you thinking that finding kitchen countertops that meet these ideals is impossible? If so, think again.  At Northern Granite Works, we carry the best materials for creating kitchen countertops that can meet all of these requirements and any others that you may have. When you want the best in the business, call on us.  Our quality workmanship will allow you to relax the next time you have a slight kitchen emergency, knowing that your kitchen countertops can handle it.