The first rule in preserving natural stone countertops is “damage prevention.” Although they are durable and hard, the surfaces can scratch. Also, allowing acidic substances and certain foods to remain on the surface can damage the sealant, which may lead to staining. Here are some more rules:

How to Protect Your Natural Stone Countertops

  • Clean Regularly: Keep the countertops clean at all times – blot up liquid and food spills immediately, especially acidic substances such as lemon juice, sodas, sauce and juice (including tomato juice).
  • Don’t Scrub Harshly: When cleaning, use a soft cloth and a sponge. Hot water on its own is great. You can add a little dishwashing soap for quick, occasional cleanups. However, too much soap will create an accumulation and dull the shine.
  • Use Potholders, Cutting Boards and Coasters: These not only protect the countertop surface and sealant, but your knives as well.
  • Don’t use Common Cleaning Products: These include citrus cleaners, ammonia, vinegar, degreasers, tile and tub cleaners, soaps, glass cleaners and bleach.
  • Don’t Place Toiletries Directly on the Surface: Things like creams, lotions, nail products, colognes and hair products can stain or damage the surface, leave a ring, or etch the polish.
  • Reseal Every Year: This is a must, especially for granite countertops. If a particular stone is extra porous or gets lots of use, you may need to reseal twice a year.

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