Is your bathroom full of clutter? Do you have to fight every morning for your time in there? Are you looking to change your bathroom’s style? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a bathroom vanity might just be the thing to add. Follow the advice below to choose something that will suit your lifestyle and your home:

How to Choose Bathroom Vanities That Suit Your Home and Lifestyle

  • How much room is in your bathroom? Is there enough space to fit a double vanity? If so, this will give two people the freedom to primp and preen at the same time, preventing frustrationsin the morning rush. Large bathroom vanities also offer lots of storage room, but just be sure that they’ll fit in.
  • Know what is where. Do you have a lot of hair and makeup products but no place to put them? If so, bathroom vanities are perfect for organizing cluttered messes. In addition to storage space, many also have towel racks and shelf room.
  • Be aware of your home’s style. This makes it easier to find a matching vanity. Do you lean towards contemporary styles or antique pieces? Do you like light wood or dark wood? Would granite or quartz look better? By knowing your preferences and your home’s style, shopping for bathroom vanities will be much easier.

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