Kitchen Countertops
You recently installed stunning new granite kitchen countertops, but you feel like it’s hard to appreciate their beauty because of all the clutter that’s constantly on top of them. If you’re ready to have more space on your kitchen countertops and enjoy their beauty, here are some helpful decluttering tips you might want to use:

  • Do you leave a stack of mail, your to-do list, and other important papers on top of your kitchen countertops? Instead of leaving these things on the surface of your kitchen countertops, mount organizers to the wall above your counters for keeping these papers organized and at eye-level.
  • If you get tired of waking up in the morning or coming home in the evening to kitchen countertops piled high with clutter, set up a time every day to spend decluttering. All you need is 5-10 minutes to make a difference, so set your timer and get to work!
  • When was the last time you used your toaster? What about your blender? Chances are, there are unused appliances taking up space on your kitchen countertops. Take a few minutes to inventory which appliances you use on a daily basis, and find space for the rest inside your cupboards.
  • Create zones throughout your kitchen. For example, you probably spend most of your time cooking dinner near your stove, so keep spoons, spatulas, and other related items near this area. Doing this will help you figure out what should go where and eliminate excess items from the top of your countertops.