bathroom vanitiesThey might not be the most glamorous part of remodelling, but selecting the right bathroom vanities can make or break your design. If they are awkwardly placed in a traffic route, or they don’t have sufficient storage, or they are made of mismatched materials, the rest of the bathroom will suffer.

Here are some suggestions for bathroom vanities:

  • Pick a spot for them that won’t interfere with the bathroom’s traffic flow or obstruct the shower door or bathroom door. Think about the vanity door’s swing space, and also about cleaning. Ask yourself these two questions: If the vanities have doors, is the space around them enough for foot traffic when they’re open? Is the surrounding area accessible for cleaning?
  • When deciding on a spot, take other architectural features into account as well. Make sure any windows in the vicinity will allow for wall cabinets and a mirror above the vanities. Remember, vanities play a key role in how your bathroom functions, and to function properly, they need space.
  • If the plumbing needs to be changed for installation of your new vanities, it’s going to account for a big slice of your budget if the spot you choose is far away from the other bathroom fixtures.

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