Wood countertopsThere’s an Old World standard that’s coming back into style in modern homes today – wood countertops. As homeowners ponder over options in bathroom and kitchen design in a world of constantly changing styles, more of them are starting to think out of the box.

Countertops made of wood are an important part of the green remodelling movement because many species are renewable and sustainable, plus they are often obtained from recycled sources. Moreover, unlike solid surfaces or laminate, wood is 100% biodegradable once it has run its full course. When you think about the long history of wood in the building industry, and the warmth that wood countertops bring to any kitchen, you can appreciate the beauty it has over other options.

Styles of wood countertops include:

  • Edge grain, end grain and flat grain.
  • Stripes, borders, checkerboard patterns, and inlays with various species.

Some of the best species to choose are the following hardwoods: Brazilian cherry, teak, oak, walnut, maple and bamboo. When choosing, be sure to tell your supplier what the end-goal is for your wood countertops. Will they be used as butcher blocks? Will you use them as bar tops? Will there be a sink mounted on top or underneath? These are all vital in the decision-making process because some species perform better than others in different applications.

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