quartz counter topsNebula Code is the name of a trademarked technology by Silestone’s Cosentino. It features harmonies, unparalleled movements and unique patterns in a surface to create distinctly unique quartz counter tops. Every slab is different. Every vein is different. The series represents the randomness of nature and the beauty of irregularity. All these products are made with the Silestone guarantee of resistance to scratching and impact, hardness, low absorption, and bacterial protection.

Here’s a very brief overview of the Nebula Code range: 

  • Daria: Silestone has showcased light browns verging on beiges as a perfect example of judicious simplicity. Daria displays subtle harmony for surfaces that can be used in a broad palette of environments.
  • Helix: The dominant off-white colour of Helix is balanced with the vein’s natural suggestion. The cautious construction of the patterns is offset with varying shades of gray, creating quartz counter tops with a pure, classic appearance.
  • Pulsar: Cosentino’s colour, Pulsar, decorates the white of pure quartz with veins that combine delicate and conventional grays with a hint of colour ranging from mustard hues to beige.
  • Istmo: This has a high chromatic adaptability – a reflection of nature with soft brown veins, making it an irresistible choice for beautiful environments.
  • Dreis: With dark shades used predominantly as a foundation, the natural and original veins provide the clarity required to provide a unique and stylish contrast to quartz counter tops.

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