kitchen countertopsThere’s usually a limited amount of counter space in most kitchens – some more than others. Space is a valuable commodity that needs to be used with care. When buying appliances that are going to eat up precious space, you’ll want to be sure that they are essential to the smooth operation of your kitchen. So here are 4 must-have appliances to help you get the most from the space on your kitchen countertops:

  1. Coffee Maker: If you love coffee, then a coffee machine will be invaluable in your kitchen. Espresso coffee makers are perfect for a quick shot of caffeine, and they are available with milk steamers to make lattes and cappuccinos.
  2. Stand Mixer: This is considered to be the quintessential appliance for kitchen countertops.
  3. Microwave: As time-pressured families struggle to find the time to cook meals, many companies are selling stone baking dishes and casseroles designed to fit inside a microwave. They also provide great recipes that can be made in a flash.
  4. Toaster Oven: This is ideal for families whose kitchen countertops have limited space. A toaster oven allows you to make your toast in the morning, while also providing the option to broil items quickly, prepare a dish for one, or heat a small portion without having to use the entire oven.

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